Tuesday, May 29, 2012

KEITH HARMON SNOW's name is being used by a Filipino scammer in "Friend Stranded in Foreign Country Scam Emails"

Keith Harmon Snow, a prolific American "Africanist" blogger, is the
latest victim of "Friend Stranded in Foreign Country Scam Emails"
originating in the Philippines.

(Are Nigerian con artists now operating from the Philippines?)

I don't know whether this scammer got into one of Snow's email
accounts (by phisting) or just stumbled upon his name, which is about
everywhere on the Internet on matters relating to Africa--and
particularly the African Great Lakes Region and East africa.

I think this scammer might have gotten into Snow's account, for how
would he pick me out as his sucker? (I've exchanged tons of emails
with Keith Harmon Snow over the years, though I never met him in

Or this crook, who is mass emailing to an "undisclosed number of
recipients," just hit my email address at random?

So, Keith, if you are reading this, maybe you'd what to do with this low-life.

Anyway, below is my exchange with the Filipino crook otherwise
identified as: alll.things.pass.1@gmail.com

(Initiating this kind of exchange as I did is in itself a big mistake,
as debunkers of Internet scams would tell you, for it can lead to your
account being hacked into. But Keith is my buddy and I couldn't just
let this pass without leading on this crook before crushing him. And I
barely ever use my AOL email account. Besides, as the leitmotiv in The
Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night claims, if this meaningless
tale were to be written with a needle in the corner of the eye, it'd
still serve as a warning to the circumspect.)


Subject: Emergency help please; It's very urgent

Date: Sun 27/5/2012 11:45PM

From: Keith Harmon Snow <alll.things.pass.1@gmail.com>

Reply to: alll.things.pass.1@gmail.com

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

How are you? I hope all is well. I'm writing to ask you for a favor.
I'm presently in Philippinesbut I'm in a fix; I was mugged and lost my
money & cards. Would have called but I lost my mobile phone in the
course of this attack. I'm so glad I wasn't hurt. Can you please
assists me with some money[ $3100] or any amount you can afford. I'll
pay you back the money immediately I return back home next weekend.
Kindly let me know if you would be able help me with this or any
amount you can afford to lend me. I'll forward you the transfer
details upon your response. Thank you very much for your effort.
Looking forward to read from you.
Keith Harmon Snow.


My reply:

So where are you exactly? Manilla? Mindanao? And how would I send you the money?


The Filipino Scammer:

Re: thanks a lot; transfer details

Thank you so much for the quick response and eager to help me out. I'm
so grateful and reallyappreciate your concern. In fact, It was a bad
experience but I'm so glad I wasn't hurt. I'll be so happy to accept
any amount you could afford to lend me and I'll definitely refund you
back upon my arrival next weekend.
I've been to the nearest bank just to find out the fastest and easiest
way for me to receive money; so the Western Union Money Transfer
Service or the Money Gram Service will be easier and faster since I
can not use my personal account now. So you can make the transfer
using my name below at any western union money transfer office/outlet.
The Western union money transfer offices/outlet are usually at the
post office or any banks. You can also go to the Western union money
transfer website [ www.westernunion.com ] to find and locate a
Western union agent/office. So you can go to the western union office
with cash and make the transfer on my name.
Below are the details you will need to complete the "Sending Form" at
the western union office. Kindly help me out with the transfer as soon
as you can.
Name: Keith Harmon Snow
Address: 26 Kamias Rd Quezon City, National Capital Region
Country : Philippines.
After the transfer, you will have to scan a copyof the receipt to me
or you can just email me back with the following transfer details from
the transfer receipt. 1.*Money Transfer control number (MTCN). 2.*The
full name the sender (Your full name); 3.*The transfer amount ;
Kindly email me back as soon as you receive this email so as to
confirm you receive the transfer details. I will expect your response
soon. Thanks a lot for your effort and kindness,


My reply:

I only got 500 bucks. I checked with the neighborhood Western Union
outlet. They told I'll have to pay at least $20 for money transfer.
So, buddy, you'll get $480. I don't know whether that'd help you out.
But, before I go ahead and transfer the money, could you attach in
reply to this email
a picture of you taken from a mobile phone so that I'd it's really you?


The Filipino Scammer:

Re: Re: thanks a lot; transfer details

Yes you can make the transfer. Oh no, this is not a scam. My email
wasn't compromised and I sent you this email myself. I'll try my best
to find an internet cafe to scan and email you a copy of my passport.
Please I really need your help.
Anyway, I can understand your concern and security consciousness but
I'm not going to take your money away. I will definitely refund you
back upon my arrival just as I have explained to you in my previous


My final reply:

Re: Re: Re: thanks a lot for your effort

Fuck you, buddy! I know Keith Harmon Snow and you are no Keith Harmon
Snow. Keith is a prolific writer who writes excellent English. Not
your gibberish. Keith is from a well-to-do family and has good friends
with lots of money. I'm the last person Keith would turn to for money.
Had Keith been in narrow straits as you claim, he'd have walked into
the nearest American consulate or Embassy in Manilla to have things


keith harmon snow said...

Thanks Alex. This scammer is accumulating bad karma and will suffer for it one day. The money one of my supporters sent was meant to help people in the Congo.
keith harmon snow

keith harmon snow said...

Thanks Alex. This scammer is accumulating bad karma and will suffer for it one day. The money he/she scammed from one of my supporters was meant to help the people of Central Africa.
keith harmon snow

Alex Engwete said...

There are people who actually sent this prick their hard-earned cash? Jesus H. Christ! The scammer gave his residential address, is there a way to tip Manilla police about his racket?
Anywoo, at least you're in one piece, pal!

Boysie said...

Hi, Alex. Got this link from Keith who is a very good friend of mine. Keith has been in the Philippines in the 90's as a photojournalist. Good thing you are able to decipher the manner of expression of this scammer. I'm familiar with the address given--could be fictitious though. (Many cases reported already on similar modus operandi and by those done by some Nigerian nationals.) I have a friend who works for Western Union who probably could help and will try my luck to probe into this. Regards. Boysie