Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dr Emmanuel de Mérode's Dispatches: Cowardly ethnic attacks by Motorcyclist Gangs in Goma (Monday)

Besides family members and friends who are in Bukavu and Goma with
whom I am in daily contact by phone, posts by Virunga National Park
Chief Warden, Dr Emmanuel de Mérode (photo above), on the blog
gorilla.cd turn out to be my other reliable intelligence source on
the ground in the current war in North Kivu.

Parts of the entry posted yesterday evening by Dr de Mérode read:

"Goma is a bit of a worry. There has been quite a lot of civil
unrest, mainly cowardly attacks on ethnic minorities by hords of young
motorcyclists. One person was killed during these attacks."

Again, in his post of this morning, Dr de Mérode revisits that
worrisome development:

"We have to turn our attention to Goma. There were minor riots
yesterday, and one person was
killed. The rioters are simple, brutal and confused. It began as a
witch-hunt for ethnic minorities, then became [an] ill-defined
political rally, and finally, as always, descended into mindless

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Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF)march on Kinshasa has begun: