Monday, July 16, 2012

Youths flee M23-held areas for fear of conscription

Radio Okapi and Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) are reporting that
youths are being forcibly recruited as militiamen in areas held by M23

Radio Okapi reports that youths from Jomba and Busanza "groupements"
(administrative entities grouping several villages) have fled their
villages for fear of forced recruitment by M23 and are flocking in
Rutshuru-centre and Kiwanja--now once again under FARDC control.

According to Radio Okapi, on Sunday, July 15, the hamlet of Kabaya was
surrounded by M23 insurgents, who then abducted youths and led them
away to be conscripted.

This method of forced recruitment is reportedly being systematically
implemented in other areas controlled by M23.

According to Radio Okapi, some youths--including a 12-year-old--were
able to escape from their M23 abductors.


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