Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rise of the FDLR: The Rwandan terroritst militia seizes eastern grid of the Virunga National Park

Strangely, just as in any previous incursion by Rwandan forces and
their proxies on the territory of the DRC, the Rwandan FDLR terrorist
militia has, like a phoenix, once again risen woken from its the ashes
of its slumber.

As if the Rwandans and the M23
have the propensity to shake the FDLR hornests' nests!

This time around, looking at the operational map of the military
campaign and the movements of
troops on the ground, it's as if the the FDLR and the M23 are waging
coordinated attacks against the FARDC.

(Which gives the lie to the perennial Rwandan pretext of going
pursuing the FDLR génocidaires on Congolese soil: these thiefs are
instead after coltan and other blood minerals.)

For instance, Dr. Emmanuel de Mérode, chief wardern of the Virunga
National Park, relates in his post of today that following the
occupation of Rumangabo by M23 insurgents, the latter "have not
advanced as much as the [FARDC] have fled, and the empty ground in
between is being filled by militia groups."

And one of the militia groups who have filled this no man's land is
none other than the FDLR.

A situation obtained, still according to Dr. de Mérode, that yesterday
the "Eastern Sector of the Park has come under FDLR control."

And, as Dr. de Mérode reminds readers of the park's blog, just this
past year, the FDLR have killed 12 park rangers.

Excerpt from Dr. de Mérode's post:

"We currently have 40 rangers at Lulimbi, which is on the border with
Uganda, and protects the Ishasha Valley.

"It's a tremendously important area for elephant migrations with Queen
Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, as well as for its hippo and other
large mammal populations.

"We can't afford to abandon this area, but the rangers are now cut off
because the FDLR occupy the nearby fishing settlement of Nyakakoma.

"They're low on ammunition and rations.

"Yesterday morning we received news that a column of FDLR were
advancing to attack our rangers at Lulimbi.

"Fortunately, we have an airfield at Lulimbi, and we've been able to
transfer 100 kg of rations and
8 cases of ammunition as well as two machine guns.

"20 more rangers are crossing Lake Edward from the north to support them.

"Today, we'll be going back to further strengthen defenses, and
improve our communications onsite.

"Many thanks to those of you who, two years ago, helped us to buy our
[United States N-Number registered] Cessna 182 aircraft (photo above)
for the park. It has saved many lives."



PHOTO: Dr. Emmanuel de Mérode and Rangers at Lulimbi Airfield


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