Friday, November 30, 2012

Ben Affleck: "Congo urgently needs U.S. help" (Washington Post)

(PHOTO: TV screen grab of Ben Affleck testifying in Congress; date unknown)


Ben Affleck penned a gripping pro-Congolese people advocacy op-ed on
the crisis in Goma that was published today by the Washington Post.

The op-ed, titled "Congo urgently needs
U.S. help" and aimed at the American constituency opens, opens with
the usual heart-wrenching frustration in the face of the universal
indifference to the plight of the Congo:

"Last week, a heavily armed rebel militia, M23, took control of the
eastern Congolese city of Goma, the economic center and capital of the
country's North Kivu province. Unfortunately, to those of us who work
in eastern Congo , the only
surprise in this turn of events was how little attention it received."

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H Stewart said...

Yeah good on him but the real issue is America doesn't want to understand at a sociatal level and despite an apparent state department connect there is a political disconnect at cabinet level. Sec. State Clinton is starting to accept Rwandan complicity which is about as much fun as kissing your cousin given her tenure on the job.

That despite Republican ( irrational and on another issue ) screaming means Rice. She is no friend of the DR Congo. That I suspect is a political reality for the next four years.

Next M7 and Kilgame missed an EAO new building opening today after an hours delay the ceremony went ahead with underlings and functionaries deputising. That 3 other East Africa presidents showed up makes me suspicious. I can't as yet account for the whereabouts of the missing Ugandan and Rwandan heads of state. I assume some sort of political crisis. That both missed the event with no notice is suggestive of developments around Goma.