Sunday, November 18, 2012

Goma: Commercial aircraft temporarily grounded as airport within striking distance

(PHOTO: Residents of Kibumba fleeing toward Goma, 30 km south of hamlet)

The airport of Goma is perilously within striking distance of M23
fire. That's why airport and provincial authorities have temporarily
grounded and interdicted incoming commercial aircraft from landing at
Goma airport.

For example, a Kinshasa-bound CAA flight that had already taken off
from Goma airport was ordered to turn back within minutes of take-off.
It is alleged that it was directed to land back for fear of being hit
by M23 fire, which is directed at strafing MONUSCO gunships.

Passengers from that flight I spoke to this morning told me the CAA
airline told them to go back home till further notice.

Other Goma residents and newswires report that after the fall early
Saturday to M23 of Kibumba, a hamlet 30 km north of Goma, fierce
combats are now taking place at Munigi, a mere 3 km north of Goma.

FARDC sources allege to have found, among other things, US army issue
night vision goggles among the M23 dead at Kibumba, which points to
Rwandan reinforcement of the insurgents.

PHOTO CREDITS: Magloire Paluku

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