Friday, November 30, 2012

Standoff betweem MONUSCO and M23 at Goma airport over FARDC weapons & ammo

(PHOTO: "MONUSCO Force Commander (front left) to a meeting on the
security situation at Goma airport. Photo MONUSCO")


Though long columns of M23 were seen leaving Sake today, there was no
evidence however that the insurgents intended to hand over the city to
the DRC government's control.

In the latest development, there was some kind of a standoff between
MONUSCO and M23 when the latter had the chupatz to attempt to take
control of Goma airport and to seize the stash of weapons and ammo the
FARDC stored in depots at the airfield.

According to the Toronto Star reporters Melanie Gouby And Rukmini
Callimachi, "[MONUSCO] Spokesman Madnodje Mounoubai said the M23
rebels were trying to steal weapons belonging to the Congolese army."

In reaction, M23 said MONUSCO's refusal to abide by their diktat was a
deal breaker for the insurgents' promised withdrawal from Goma.

In the meantime, more than 200 cops who had arrived by boat on the
Lake Kivu from Bukavu to take over from M23 are stuck on their barges
at Goma harbor.

In Kinshasa, the Central Bank of Congo Governor Jean-Claude Masangu
denied reports that M23 robbers were able to blast open the vault of
the Goma branch.

Masangu said the vault is armored and the people holding its
combination happen to be right here in Kinshasa.

--With the Toronto Star, Radio Okapi, & Kinshasa media--


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H Stewart said...

It would seem MONUSCO won that battle ( that must be a first for them )
As for the bank robbery 17 million was the last reported figure I heard but that may well have been in DR Congo francs, along with some gold.

No idea what the new city administration will look like but hopefully FARDC will keep out and the police under the municiple authority take control.