Friday, December 7, 2012

Paul Kagame: "Man of the Moment" (Alexis Okeowo)

I just read this piece posted December 7, 2012, on The New Yorker by
Alexis Okeowo and titled "The Eight Most Fascinating Africans of

The cast of the eight fascinating Africans "doing innovative,
admirable, and sometimes destructive work" include, in their order of

Malawian President Joyce Banda (I got misgivings about the wisdom of a
Prez who relies on prophetic visions of her Nigerian spiritual guide);
Cameroonian gay rights activist Alice Nkom; acclaimed Kenyan movie
director David "Tosh" Gitonga; Tanzanian MP Al-Shaymaa
Kwegyir--a woman and an albino; nineteen-year-old Ugandan student
Proscovia Oroma, appointed to Parliament for the remainder of the term
of her late farher; South African columnist Justice Malala; Nigerian
pop duo P-Square of identical twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye; and
Great Lakes bogeyman numero uno, Paul Kagame.

A spoiler: Reading Okeowo's description of the man, something that was
hidden in plain sight suddenly leapt at me: Kagame is loco big time!
The man is unhinged, insane!

Here's Alexis Okeowo's description of Kagame (I reformat the text for

"In some ways, the Rwandan President Paul Kagame is the man of the moment.

"Accused of helping to orchestrate a rebellion in the eastern part of
the Democratic Republic of the Congo for political and material gain,
Kagame has, despite considerable evidence, continued to deny
involvement in some of the worst violence that has taken place in the
in years.

"He has remained defiant even as allies like the United States and the
United Kingdom pulled their aid to Rwanda, which makes up forty per
cent of the country's budget, as a result of that involvement.

"The international community, still grappling with its complicity in
the Rwandan genocide, is now being
forced to plead with him to pull back from a conflict that he won't
admit he has a hand in."

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PHOTO CREDITS: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP

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H Stewart said...

President Joyce Banda despite your misgivings ( I was unaware of that )is actually a very rare leader in Africa. The jet and cars were pure symbolism but symbolism in its wider context is important. I have blogged her.

Proscovia Oroma is hardly facinating. Again I have blogged her and her major claim to fame would seem to be being the youngest MP in Africa and I think the Commonwealth. My conclusion from memory was that she was certainly the best looking MP in the Commonwealth. Here the wheels start to fall of the New Yorker article she was elected not appointed and she ran for the ruling NRM and was elected not appointed.