Friday, January 4, 2013

Rogue MP Roger Lumbala materializes in Kampala as Vice-President of M23 delegation

(PHOTO: Rogue MP and M23 wannabe Roger Lumbala)


Rogue MP Roger Lumbala, who was arrested in Bujumbura back in early
September of last year as he was deplaning from a flight from Kigali
on suspicion of collaboration with M23, has finally materialized in
Kampala as the so-called "vice-president" of the M23 delegation in the
talks between the DRC government and the Rwandan insurgent stooges
wreaking havoc in North Kivu.

This eerie reapperance of Lumbala, one of the staunchest supporters of
veteran oppositionist Etienne Tshisekedi, stunned, then angered the
Congolese opposition in Kinshasa.

Lumbala had fooled at the time Congolese oppposionists and a huge
number of "residents of the Republic," by denying that he'd gone to
Kigali and by claiming he'd never been in cahoots with M23.

Lumbala, a warlord during Africa World War is a kleptocrat devoid of
political conscience and ideology.

A member of the Luba ethnic group of eastern Kasai, he is being used
as a figurehead in a Rwandophone-dominated military entrepreneurial
venture in the hope of getting a lucrative position in the event of
Kinshasa caving in to the diktats of Rwanda.

About a month ago, when the Congolese Parliament was debating
stripping him of his immunity, he wrote a lengthy and incoherent
letter to the National Assembly in which he was once again denying any
involvement with M23.

The mood in Kinshasa, even among Lumbala's erstwhile supporters, is
that this time around he pushed his adventurism a bit too far, staking
his fate, as one Kinois put it, with a "murderous adventure that has
no future in the Congo."

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Anonymous said...

Just to add rumors about old ADFL guard Mwenze and Bugera and the vocal Olengankoy have reported in Bunagana.... M23 beefing up? if this is true then you need to re-read your postings..